Steam profile boosting service
We have an idea how to make leveling and customizing the appearance of your Steam profile very fast, convenient and most importantly cheap.
  • In the Steam ecosystem, there are a great many bots and merchants selling the cards needed to level up.

  • There are full-fledged services and browser extensions that automate the purchase of these cards.

  • There are browser extensions and apps to quickly craft the cards you buy.

  • There are services where you can buy a background to decorate your Steam profile with.

  • There are services that can cut that profile background for you to download and then use the sliced pieces in showcase to decorate your profile. You might not know, but there are 3 pages of instructions on how to do it, what script to add to the console, how to properly name the files, etc.

  • There are pseudo-games in the Steam library, in which achievements look like numbers or letters. These symbols are also possible to design your profile through showcase.
Services that exist at the moment:
All of the above services exist on their own. It will take you a few days to reread all the forums and collect all the links to the necessary tools. And that's without considering leveling up the profile itself.
A simple thought from the SIH team: why not put these tools together in one place?
Instead of performing a complicated chain of actions, the user will get what he wants automatically, in just a couple of clicks.

Imagine a site where you see your profile:

  • On one side of the screen, ready-made presets where you can immediately "try on" the design for any theme.

  • On the other side you have information about what you need to buy, what backgrounds and cards you need, and how much it will cost.

You choose a ready preset or set up your own. You pay for it. And then begins the "magic". Steam inventory helper will automatically buy everything you need. If your level of steam is not enough to place a suitable showcase in your profile, the extension will buy more cards and a level-up will be done by crafting.

We'll open a background for your preset, load it into the profile, put the "achievements" from the purchased pseudo-games in the right showcase and in the right order.

And in conclusion, the purchase of cards to raise the level will be cheaper than buying directly from Steam.
We will understand dozens of tools and gather all the functionality into one convenient, automated service.

Users will save time and money, as well as get access to a unique tool that allows you to beautifully design a steam profile in just a couple of clicks.
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