New update available - 1.10.6

 Please update your extension!

 Added: Sorting functions (by Name or Price) on the Steam Market.

 Added: Possibility to skip items that dont have a market price. (Items without price will be deleted from the queue so you can setup the price manually)

 Fixed: Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese translation errors.

 Fixed: Coupons price checking issue. SIH wont count coupons in the price checking function anymore.

 Updated: Czech translations.

New update available - 1.10.5

 Please update your extension!

 Added: Button to hide active market listings.

– Added: Button to hide/display detailed info about the incoming friend requests.

– Added: "Quick info" icons that display (VAC/Trade/Community ban status) of the incoming friend request.

– Added: Button to ON/OFF Twitch and YouTube links on the store page.

– Corrected: Small visual corrections to the trade offer total value function in the trade offer window. The prices in the trade offer window are more user friendly now.

– Fixed: 0.03$ listings in the multi-selling queue will no longer bug the selling process. If the item price is subtracted by any value or percentage, 0.03$ items will no longer bug the selling process (steam politics are not allowing to subtract any value from the 0.03$ item).

– Fixed: Changing the external price provider in the trade offer window now will take affect on the change of the total trade offer value (it was not changing earlier).

– Fixed: Quick Buy button not working.

New update available - 1.10.4

Added: OPSKINS external prices for the CS:GO, Dota 2, TF2, H1Z1, Rust, Unturned, Payday 2, Killing Floor 2 inventories.

Added: Buttons on the game store page to search it on YouTube, Twitch.

Added: Button to sort inventory items in the trade offer window.

Fixed: Quick sell error in the mass listing window.

Fixed: Permalink error (the link was set to your profile, not the users profile you are checking).

Fixed: Buttons translations in the trade offer window.

Bug issues 09.12.2016

Dear users!

Steam changed something on their side that causes our features to work incorrect or not work at all.

Please do not be afraid of this issues.We are already know about this problem and we are working on it.

Please stay on tune and wait, we are going to fix that ASAP!

New update available 1.10.2


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Check the latest updates or news in our BLOG section.

– Check the FAQ section with all of the common questions of SIH.


Other updates:

 Added: Norwegian translation (thanks to Nazhad Chawshin).

 Added: Selection settings of stores prices that you want to see in the Steam Store.

 Removed: "Sort items" button in the inventory (this button is causing a lot of bugs, removed for the further inspection).

 Removed: TF 2 external prices (provider has ceased to provide prices).


New update available 1.10.1

– Added: Traditional Chinese translation (Thanks to Kyonko Li).

– Added: Showing money spent total in Steam (on the account page).

– Fixed: Highlighting wishlist and owned items function title corrected.

– Fixed: Turkish translation corrected (Thanks to Onur Tura).

– Fixed: Wishlist and owned items highlighting colors are looking more softly now.

– Fixed: Improper display of inventory items when switching to another game inventory.

– Fixed: Improper profit calculation if the game price on Steam and other game-stores are in different currencies.

– Fixed: Not displaying external item prices in the opponents inventory (When someone sends you a trade).

New update available 1.10

– Added: Displaying lowest price of games and DLC's in Steam Store (and external game stores).

– Added: Displaying historical lowest price of games and DLC's in Steam Store (and external game stores).

– Added: Displaying regional prices of games and DLC's in Steam Store.

– Added: Highlighting your wishlist and games or DLC's you already own.

– Added: Turkish translation. (Thanks to Sethat Oyunda).

New update available 1.9.12

– Added: "Instant sell" button on Inventory page.

– Added: "Sort items" button on Inventory page to sort items by price.

– Added: New (in-browser) notification about declined offers (Only if you set API key in Settings).

– Fixed: Czech translation (thanks to PapuleX).

– Fixed: Function of ignoring and blocking friend requests from users with private profiles if you have set-up "Ignore invites" or "Block invites".

– Fixed: "Quick Buy" feature is disabled by default in Settings.