New update available - 1.12.0

English version:


- Added: Dota2net external prices for Dota2.
- Added: Hiding the "Buy all" button. Loading spinner after you have pressed the "Buy all" button when using a function to buy all cards for the badge craft. This feature was added for the avoid purpose of repeatedly pressing on the button "Buy all" at which Steam could receive more buy requests than it should.
- Fixed: Dissapearing of the "Total" function on the market.
- Fixed: Problem when some of the functions were not displayed when you are using old Chrome version.
- Fixed: Problem with using SIH via HTTPS protocol when you was not able to switch the pages on the market listings.

And also some more minor changes for the flawless SIH work.

Русская версия:

- Добавлено: Внешние цены Dota2net для Dota2.
- Добавлено: Скрытие кнопки "Купить все". Спиннер загрузки после нажатия на кнопку "Купить все" при использовании функции покупки всех карточек для крафта значка. Данная фича добавлена для избежания многократных нажатий на кнопку "Купить все" при которых Steam мог получить больше запросов на покупку чем нужно.
- Исправлено: Пропажа функции отображения общей суммы лотов на торговой площадке.
- Исправлено: Проблема при которой функционал инвентаря не отображался если у вас старая версия Chrome.
- Исправлено: Проблема при которой использование SIH через протокол HTTPS блокировало возможность переключения между страницами лотов.

А так же другие незначительные изменения для стабильной работы SIH.

New update available - 1.11.9

English version:


- Added: Steam Market price labels in the CSGO & PUBG inventory "Steam (by SIH)". (1)
- Added: Ability to count your PUBG inventory summary via Steam market prices.
- Added: From now CS:GO cases will have quick-links on the each item case can drop. (Links to market in the case description)
- Added: Info from the GLWS. After "Get Float" button is pressed, you will also recieve the detailed info of the selected item like GLWS previously had. Just hover your mouse on the item and the menu with the information will pop out. (2)
- Added: Mini icons of the external price providers in the selector under the inventory.
- Fixed: Inventory price is not being calculated when you are logged off from Steam.
- Fixed: When turning items into gems (Steam inventory), after closing the menu some functions vere still displaying over the inventory.
- Fixed: A bug when SIH was skipping items in market price checking & mass listing.
- New currencies added: Argentine Peso (ARS), Uruguayan Peso (UYU), Costa Rican Colón (CRC), Qatari Riyal (QAR), Kazakhstani Tenge (KZT), Belarus Rubles (BYN), United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED), Israeli New Shekel (ILS).

(1) These prices are gathered from our cache of steam requests and are quite accurate. However, they may differ from the "requested" prices a bit. This feature was made to lower the requests amount made to Steam and its being informative only so you can compare prices with the different sites & Steam. Don't worry about the freshness of the prices which are being requested in the mass listing function. They will be fresh and new anyways.
(2) P.S. Please let us know if you want us to make an external service with this kind of info (if it was more comfortable to use).
DEFINDEX, PAINTINDEX, PAINTSEED, RARITY, QUIALITY, INVENTORY, ORIGIN, ITEMID - all of this info will be available from this moment directly in SIH.

Русская версия:

- Добавлено: Цены торговой площадки Steam в инвентаре CS:GO & PUBG "Steam (by SIH)". (1)
- Добавлено: Возможность посчитать суммарную стоимость вашего инвентаря PUBG с помощью цен торговой площадки Steam.
- Добавлено: Теперь кейсы CS:GO будут иметь в своём описании быстрые ссылки на предметы, которые могут в них выпасть. (Ссылки на торговую площадку в описании кейса)
- Добавлено: Информация с GLWS. После нажатия кнопки "Получить FLoat" вы так же получите детальную информацию о предмете как было у GLWS. Просто наведите на предмет ваш курсор и меню с информацией появится. (2)
- Добавлено: Мини иконки внешних провайдеров цен в селекторе под инвентарем.
- Исправлено: Стоимость инвентаря не считалась, если вы не залогинены в Steam.
- Исправлено: При создании самоцветов (Инвентарь Steam), после закрытия меню создания некоторые функции все ещё отображались поверх инвентаря.
- Исправлено: Баг когда SIH пропускал предметы при подсчете цены на маркете и в массовой продаже.
- Добавлены новые валюты: Аргентинское Песо (ARS), Уругвайское Песо (UYU), Коста-риканский Колон (CRC), Катарский Риал (QAR), Казахстанский Тенге (KZT), Белорусский Рубль (BYN), Дирхам ОАЭ (AED), Новый Израильский Шекель (ILS).

(1) Данные цены собраны из нашего кеша запросов в стим и являются достаточно точными. В любом случае, они могут немного отличаться от "запрошенных" цен. Эта фича была создана для того чтобы снизить количество запросов сделанных в Steam и является информативной для того чтобы вы могли сравнить и сопоставить цены с разных источников со Steam ценами. Не беспокойтесь о свежести цен, которые запрашиваются в функции массовой продажи. Они будут свежими и новыми в любом случае.
(2) P.S. Пожалуйста дайте нам знать если вы хотите чтобы мы сделали внешний сервис с данным типом информации (если так вам было удобнее её использовать).
DEFINDEX, PAINTINDEX, PAINTSEED, RARITY, QUIALITY, INVENTORY, ORIGIN, ITEMID - вся эта информация с данного момента будет доступна прямо в SIH.

New update available - 1.11.7

- Added: DAPUBG.COM external prices for PUBG.

- Added: Get Float button added to the inventory. Go get all floats in the inventory easily with 1 click!

- Added: The "Origin" info display near the "Float". Available on the market and in the inventory.

- Added: Possibility to display up to 5 external prices providers at once on the items avatar. Compare, find the best price and get your profits!

- Redesigned: External prices display. The displaying of these prices will be more useful and comfortable located to the "tags" and float value.

- Removed: GLWS link. (All GLWS features will be available in our app in the next update)


And also some minor fixes and improvements.

New update available - 1.11.6

- Added: CSGOTM external prices.

- Added: CSMONEY external prices.

- Added: BitSkins external prices.

- Added: LootFarm external prices.

- Fixed: Notifications popping out even if the trade was accepted/declined some days ago.

- Fixed: "Get Float" button duplicating itself in some cases.


And also some minor fixes and improvements.

The Great Steam Inventory Helper Update

Dear users, 

We are prepared a huge update for the Steam Inventory Helper today.

This update will contain a 70% of Steam Inventory Helper’s re-design, a pre-build foundation for the upcoming features for the external Steam resources, for the new technology of the price checking that will speed up the checking process, allow us to view (and instantly load) prices directly on the items icons, relieve us from the Steam requests blocking and other great features that will expand our functionality and make our app super-flawless and fast.

We are writing the announcement before the update because Steam Inventory Helper will ask you about the new permissions. We want to prepare you for that so it won’t be a strange and spooky surprise.
As you will see it says that we will communicate with the cooperating websites, this will help us to get bigger functionality on the Steam based resources for games and inventories. Also you will see the string about “read and change all your data”, this is just a Google principle, don’t be afraid of that, we won’t read and change your data, we won’t get any access to your accounts and stuff like that. 
We have also uploaded the Privacy Policy link to the store that will help you to feel safe about the permissions.

Hope this will shed a light on the new permissions and you will not be afraid of that.

Thanks for being an awesome community and stay tuned on the great upcoming updates!
And as earlier, we are open to the bug reports and suggestions ;)

New update available - 1.11.3

- Fixed: Missing "In trade" tag in the trade offers.

- Fixed: Missing items prices, trade info in the trade offers page.

- Added: Updated translations strings (in the FAQ section).

If you wish to translate SIH to your language - You are welcome :) Send a message with the edited strings to our email.

- Added: Updated Russian translations.



And also some minor fixes and improvements.

New update available - 1.11.2

- Fixed: GLWS links. 

- Fixed: Russian translations in all extension.

- Fixed: Nothing happening when you have two or more same cards selected in the mass listing function and trying to sell them.

- Fixed: Bug when you have selected cards that are not available to sell currently with the items that are available to sell and trying to sell them all via mass listing function. Normal items (available to sell) were trying to be sold with the "autoadjust" checkbox.

- Fixed: Function to show "Not tradable items" accuring some errors and not showing items that are not available to sell and got sell couldown.

- Fixed: Prices on the weapon icons in the mass listing queue are dissapeared.

- Fixed: Bug when gifted items with the description in DOTA2 inventory could run a html code with the external sound.


And also some minor fixes and improvements.

New update available - 1.11.1

Please update your extension

- Added: Sticker prices on the weapons (optional). Warning: You may have experience steam requests cooldown for some minutes with this function, because 1 gun with the 4 stickers sends 5 steam requests instead of 1. However, a lot of users asked us to bring this back. Function will be set to off at the 1st app install, you can enable it on your own risk.

- Added: "Buy missing parts" (Buy set) function! Hopefully we are able to bring that back. You can buy the missing parts of the set from the inventory button now, you will be able to refresh the lots, see the refresh time of the cheapest lots and see all of the missing items with the chepest price available.

- Fixed: Some "Market graph" fixes, the graph will work normally now. You can collect the data and filter it to see the spent and profit money on the marketplace.

- Fixed: "Quick sell" button is now showing up when you have hidden the default price info.

- Fixed: " ' " - symbol bug in the item search. Links were cut off if the selected item has " ' " in its name.


And also some minor fixes and improvements.

New update available - 1.11.0

Please update your extension!

- Added: "Sort by Float" function.

- Added: Setting to off "Get float" function.

- Fixed: External price providers icons are dropping down in the inventory and causing a visual bug.

- Fixed: External price providers on-hover hint with the provider name are not displaying.

- Fixed: "Hide listings" button are displayed on the market when you are logged off and no active listings are visible.

- Fixed: Some market translations to Russian.

And also some minor fixes and improvements.

New update available - 1.10.9

Please update your extension!

- Added: FLOAT bots! Float function is back! You are now able to check items float on the market page and in the inventory.

- Added: Function to open all selected booster packs with the 1 click.

- Added: Function to count all market item pages summary, not only the page total. You will be able to see page total and all listings total now.

- Fixed: Wrong item positions in the "Buy orders" after the sorting applied.


And also other minor fixes and improvements.